From Our Blog: 40 Things to Know about 3-Year-Old Boys

what to know about 3 year old boys
In less than two months, my son will turn 4 years old. As the turbulent toddler years come to a close (hopefully!), I can reflect on and even laugh at the challenges that I've faced raising my son. In the midst of the battle, I've learned a lot about 3-year-old boys. And I wouldn't trade the experience for the world.
  1. They love their mommas.
  2. Except when you won't let them have candy for breakfast.
  3. Until you play superheroes with them and then all is right in the world again.
  4. They can turn almost anything into a gun, sword, or weapon of mass destruction.
  5. But often use them to fight the "bad guys" so that's okay. Right?!
  6. They like to talk and talk and talk.
  7. Unless they are watching PAW Patrol on television and then they will ignore you.
  8. They have an endless supply of energy.
  9. You could become a billionaire if you figured out how to bottle it up and sell it to parents of toddler boys.
  10. They like to do everything themselves.
  11. Let them - it's great for building independence and you'll thank yourself later.
  12. You will worry that their rough play is a sign that they will one day become a bully.
  13. Until you see them help a friend or pet an animal.
  14. Their hugs are the best.
  15. They will acquire lots of bumps, bruises, and scrapes.
  16. After the tears, he'll love showing off his Ninja Turtle bandage to his friends.
  17. Cutting their sandwich the wrong way may end up in a tantrum like no other.
  18. Take a deep breath, wait for the tide to past, sympathize but never give into the tantrum.
  19. They may resist potty training.
  20. Unless they are peeing outside.
  21. Even when you think they are fully potty trained, accidents may continue for a long, LONG time.
  22. Potty words are hysterical.
  23. They want to be just like dad.
  24. And steals every tool they can get their hands on.
  25. You'll marvel at their imagination.
  26. As you get swallowed up by a gigantic purple octopus from outer space riding the batmobile.
  27. They will have a strong opinion about their clothes and will insist on the same shirt every day.
  28. But when they get home from preschool, all the clothes come off.
  29. Getting them out the door is like herding cats.
  30. Unless you are going to the playground or for ice cream.
  31. They are competitive about EVERY thing.
  32. This drive will serve them well in sports, academics, and life.
  33. They look up to their big sisters and brothers.
  34. But they don't always show it in obvious ways (ahem - hitting, biting, scratching).
  35. They have the funniest pouting faces.
  36. Try not to laugh because that makes them really mad.
  37. Under all the emotions and 3-year-old behaviors is a heart of gold.
  38. He will misbehave but he is a good kid.
  39. Tell him this and how much you love him.
  40. Every day.
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what to know about 3 year old boys