Why Back-Up Care? Just Ask This Guy

back-up care
Around here, we spend a lot of time explaining the importance of back-up care. But sometimes, kids make the case for us. We give you, exhibit A: the recently viral Live Interview Gate Crashed by Children.

Props to everyone in this spectacularly performed live vignette:

Serious international interview subject (:01)

Dancing toddler (:05)

Rolling baby through door (:15)

Shriek of realization from next room (:19)

Fearless mom corralling children with swift one-arm maneuver (:27)

Exasperated dad face (:32)

Rolling baby that won't fit back through door (:35)

Successful escape: (:41)

Extra credit to mom for the spot-on Kramer impression (:18):

Last but not least...major props to dad and the interviewer for continuing to talk about democracy...or something. Our apologies: we didn't hear anything after, "I think one of your children's just walked in."

We've all been there. We feel this guy's pain.

Seriously. Have we mentioned how much we love back-up care?

Find out about back-up care for your employees, here.
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back-up care

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