The Heart of Top Employers: Establishing and Maintaining a Strong Ethical Culture

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Most organization today are well aware of the importance of creating and maintaining a strong ethical culture. But wanting to create such a culture and knowing how to do so are very different things. What are some steps you can take to develop a culture based on principles your organization stands behind?

  • Identify the mission of your organization with buy-in from your leadership team.? When employees understand the core values and ethics within an organization's mission and see that the leadership stands behind it, they become loyal to the mission and purpose of the organization.
  • Be consistent in communicating to your employees about the impact the values and ethics of your organization have on daily activities and your organization's overall mission. Organize brown bag lunches and various interactive ways to remind and encourage employees about specific values and ethics at your organization. Reward behavior that reflects and exemplifies these morals and cite examples that demonstrate the application of these principles in a company newsletter, intranet, etc.
  • Highlight the ethics and values inherent in the mission and purpose of your organization frequently.? With this emphasis, employees are more likely to appreciate and recognize the priority given to maintaining strong ethics within the organization.
  • Always strive to keep the lines of communication within the organization wide open, enabling employees to ask questions and receive clarification on various situations they may confront.

Ultimately, strong ethics are not embraced within an organization unless they begin at the top and trickle down through the entire company. It is particularly important for senior leaders to act on their words and adhere to the ethical policies they create and expect their employees to follow. Along with an ethical culture comes employee pride and commitment, which go a long way in helping to recruit candidates, retain top employees, and ultimately, keep the organization's heart beating.
Fortune List Best Workplaces for Women

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