From Our Blog: Teacher Appreciation: Special Thanks from a Mom of a Preschool Boy

Preschool Teacher Appreciation and Thanks|Little boy writing his name at preschool|Little boy cutting with scissors at preschool|Little boy at Bright Horizons preschool

I love Teacher Appreciation Month because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on all the wonderful things my children's teachers do for my family, each and every day. It's in those everyday interactions that I often discover the larger impact teachers have on my children and who they are becoming. Last year, I wrote this letting thanking toddler teachers everywhere as a way to summarize all the "unspoken" ways I appreciate my son's teachers. Now that Owen has been in preschool for almost a year, I thought it fitting to write a special thanks from a mom of a preschool boy.

Teaching preschool takes a special someone. Teaching preschool boys - or rather, my preschool boy who can sometimes be THAT kid - takes someone truly skilled in teaching, parenting and patience. Preschool teachers are not only challenged with teaching kids their ABCs and colors but also with guiding children to build social and friendship skills, cooperation, and self-help and independence skills. And for all these, preschool parents are incredibly grateful!  

Teacher Appreciation Thanks to Preschool Teachers

Dear Preschool Teachers,

Thanks for knowing when to intervene during drop-off so I can make the transition to work just a little more manageable. Even when he's playing "chase me" down the hall or refusing to come into the classroom, you skillfully redirect him to a promised fun activity or special "chore" after he says "goodbye" to mom.

Thank you for making writing fun and engaging for preschool boys. A few months ago, I was concerned because I didn't think my preschooler would ever write due to his lack of interest in picking up a crayon, marker or pen. But you found other ideas like using glue and glitter to trace letters or scissors to cut along a written letter. Now, Owen frequently asks me for a pen and paper so he can write.  

Thanks for teaching him about friendships and encouraging him to make new friends. I especially appreciate the hand-written note you sent home recently telling us how well Owen did helping a new preschool friend on her first day. It's the little things!

Thank you for continuing to guide him when he struggles with sharing, cooperation and personal boundaries. These preschool skills don't come easy for Owen, but he's come a long way in developing them under your guidance.

Thank you for potty training - and not judging us when we went back to diapers. Your assurance that potty learning takes time and patience, especially with boys, is beyond helpful to hear.

Thanks for broadening his interest beyond "construction" and "firemen" by creating themes such as gardening, animal habits, dinosaurs, hospitals and community helpers, and so much more.

Thank you for loving and caring for my preschool boy, for rubbing his back until he falls asleep, for cleaning up his endless scratches because his mind works faster than his body, and for providing hugs to a tired mom just trying to hold it all together.

With much appreciation,

A Mom of a Preschool Boy

Editor's NoteMay is Teacher Appreciation Month at Bright Horizons - a month dedicated to those who dedicate each and every day to caring for the children and families in their lives. Find ways to celebrate your child's teachers and leave a note of thanks on our Teacher Appreciation website.


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Preschool Teacher Appreciation and Thanks|Little boy writing his name at preschool|Little boy cutting with scissors at preschool|Little boy at Bright Horizons preschool