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Retaining working parents is an important job.

And as they say, it takes a village.

So we are positively thrilled to announce our new strategic partnership with Life Meets Work, a Talking Talent Company, that shares our commitment to working mothers and fathers, and that provides coaching and resources for parents before, during, and after leave.

Bringing New Parents Back After Leave

"The overwhelming pressure that comes from combining working and parenting causes many folks to put their careers on hold," says a key platform of the company. "In fact, one in five new moms won't return to work within a year of their child's birth, and many more choose to scale back or switch employers."

What will the partnership offer? In short, a program of webinars, small-group meetings, on-line learning, and one-on-one meetings during the critical time employees are taking the plunge into parenthood. Just as important, the program also offers training and support for managers.

Some of what Talking Talent has to say on the subject:

On retaining women:

"Too many high talent individuals are being lost by organizations during parental transitions, contributing heavily to the narrowing of the female pipeline. Providing high-quality, expert Parental Transitions Coaching, regardless of gender, is a key enabler of female talent progression."

On gender diversity:

"Having an inclusive culture with diversity of thinking is essential to business performance. The only way to ‘shift the dial' on tough gender and commercial targets is to build more inclusive cultures where everyone is engaged and can reach their potential.

On employee well-being:

"Putting wellbeing, balance and resilience front and center to the strategic aims of organizations builds resilience and productivity, sustainably achieving better business outcomes through high performance."

The "Why" of Focusing on Working Parents

Finally, the organization answers the "why" of focusing on working parents.

"Successfully managing individuals through this transition, engaging and retaining talent for the long term, is one of the greatest challenges organizations face."

We couldn't agree more.

Welcome, Talking Talent! We look forward to working together.    

On-Demand Webinar: Return to Work Strategies - Beyond Parental Leave

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hr news roundup august 2018

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