Celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Take Your Dog To Work Day
Today, offices across the country are celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day. Whether you allow dogs in the office year round or today is just a special treat, your employees - and their furry friends - will thank you. Let's take a look at the growing popularity of dog-friendly offices and their benefits.

Who Let the Dogs In?

For 20 percent of companies, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day. According to research cited in an NBC News article, Millennials will soon be the largest pet-owning generation. Since they're also the majority of the workforce, recruiting - and retaining - them is important. And this can be done, in part, by welcoming their dogs into the office.

Stress Relief

Dogs in the office reduce stress and increase employee satisfaction, according to research out of Virginia Commonwealth University. But in order to keep stress down and keep employees happy, a dog screening process (to ensure each dog is well behaved and can adjust to the new environment) and dog-free work areas (for those with allergies) are key.

The Cure-All

Some are even calling dogs the new probiotic. According to the New York Times, recent research suggests that we humans are too clean for our own good. "And if the latest research on pets and human health is correct," wrote the author, "that cloud of dog-borne microbes may be working to keep us healthy." And for you, that means healthier employees and, consequently, less sick days.

It's a Dog's Life

With the many benefits dogs bring to employees and each company as a whole, isn't it time we do something for them? Amazon thinks so - the Seattle-based company recently opened a dog park for the 2,000 dogs that come into the office each day. And it's not just a dog park - it features a doggie water fountain and treat truck...and will soon have artificial turf.

Of course we know not all workplaces are happy homes for dogs (hospitals and food service come to mind). But if you can't offer a dog-friendly workplace, you can at least help employees find someone to go to the dogs (have we mentioned Bright Horizons CareAdvantage has a platform for self-serve dog sitters?). Whether you're spending time in the office with your own dog or getting to know your colleagues' dogs, let Take Your Dog to Work Day bring you a healthy dose of stress relief...and cuteness overload.
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Take Your Dog To Work Day

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