Backing Up For Summer

summer child care
We all know it's true: Being a working parent can be tough. There are always so many demands that arise at work and at home, that require intense time and effort. And we working parents can't be in two places at once, so we try our best to meet all of the demands of home and still be successful at work. That includes figuring out what our child(ren) are supposed to do when we can't be with them. And of course when they don't have school, things are even more complicated.

The Best Laid Plans

When our school-age kids are out of school for summer (or holidays, or any of the myriad reasons for days off and early releases), making sure they're being well-cared for can be a big challenge. My daughter, who will be entering 4th grade next year, needs to be kept busy for the entire summer. She isn't quite old enough to stay at home on her own. And I have to work. As such, I am that parent who always plans ahead. I'm that mom who looks into Summer Camps months in advance, and registers my child thinking that I've planned ahead enough.

Navigating the End-of-Camp Gap

What I didn't plan for was the fact that summer camp ends two weeks before my daughter returns to school. What's a working parent to do? Of course I have the option to take time off here, and ask grandparents there but for two weeks? Absolutely not. Even for those of us who plan ahead, there are times that no amount of planning can help. That's where my access to my Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage Program comes in handy.

My daughter and I can finish out those last two weeks of summer happy and stress-free or at least one of us is stress-free! She has used back-up care before, but this time I wondered if she'd be too old for the program. Even though it's a summer back-up care program for her age group, it's still at a daycare center that usually cares for much younger children. Much to my surprise, the center I plan to use is operating a Summer Camp that meets the needs of even my older child. In the middle of large projects and team meetings I can now rest assured that she has care, I can work, and she won't be bored on her final days of summer.
summer child care

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