CNBC on Back-Up Care: “PayPal and Microsoft’s Employee Holiday Gift is a Game Changer for Working Parents”

Employee using back-up care to attend company's holiday party

What do you do when the kids are out of school and your holiday to-do list is growing?

If you’re PayPal or Microsoft employees, you call in the helpers

The helpers in question are babysitters providing back-up care so employees can shop and celebrate. 

“Holidays are stressful in general,” wrote CNBC of what they called a “game changer” for working parents, “but they can be especially taxing for working parents of young children who need to find child care in order to free up their time to get things done and enjoy the season. 

“As part of their health and wellness initiatives, companies such as PayPal and Microsoft are stepping up this holiday season to relieve some of this burden.”

‘Tis the Season…for Productivity

Why all the worry about holiday happenings outside of work?

For starters, it’s about productivity. “The workplace is especially busy at the end of the year,” our CEO Stephen Kramer told CNBC, “so companies are trying to have additional support so employees can focus on their job,” said Kramer. 

But it’s also about good will. “It really is reflective at how times have changed and companies are recognizing the need to integrate work and life,” said Stephen.

And…employees like it.

“Having this option is one less stressful thing to worry about,” said one PayPal working mom. 

“It’s a huge weight off my shoulders,” said another.

Talk about good cheer. 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

“Microsoft,” wrote CNBC, “has been providing child care to its employees over holiday break and other times of the year when they need to meet a business commitment when kids are off from school. This way, parents can come to work and not have to work from home with their children around.” 

We call that the gift that keeps on giving. 

So go ahead, everyone…check your lists once (or even twice).

The helpers are waiting!

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Employee using back-up care to attend company's holiday party

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