Happy Mother's Day!

Working mothers are not a problem
Remember when all moms had to worry about was whether dinner was ready? We don't either. We're pretty sure even stone-age moms paused mid-mammoth-hunt to wonder whether they'd marinated the pterodactyl wings or signed Bam-Bam up for cave drawing and wheel lessons.

Mother's Day in 2018

We know for a fact that today's working mothers are doing way more than just working and mothering (we also know pterodactyls went extinct before humans...please don't send us mail). And in honor of Mother's Day, we salute all the working mothers out there who are making history...or just making news.

Tammy Duckworth

The Illinois Senator/war hero followed a stint flying helicopters in Iraq by taking on something really risky; bringing a baby to work. Why the fuss? Until this year, babies were banned from the Senate floor, effectively keeping new mothers from important votes (did we mention Duckworth was the first senator to give birth while in office? Sheesh this woman has done a lot). The rule change not only paved the way for future women in government - it also spoke volumes for women everywhere, and meant the Senator's daughter scored her first legislative win at just 10 days old. "As tough as juggling the demands of motherhood and being a Senator can be," said Senator Duckworth, "I'm hardly alone or unique as a working parent." We think you're pretty unique, Senator Duckworth. And on behalf of future Senator Moms everywhere, thanks!

Kate Middleton

We won't quibble about whether being a royal is, you know...a job. But the Duchess of Cambridge did appear upright just seven hours - seven hours! - after giving birth, waving, smiling...and in heels. We hear the hasty hospital exit was at least in part to give the non-royal new moms a little peace (how ‘bout those moms - always thinking about someone else).  Extra points for showing that real moms don't leave the hospital in skinny jeans.

Tia Freeman

Proving that you can find anything online, the vacationing U.S. Army analyst delivered her own baby, solo, in a Turkish hotel room, by following instructions she found (we kid you not) on YouTube. Medical experts don't recommend this (we hear they prefer creds in OB to SEO). We're glad mother and son are doing well. We're also glad she was able to find something other than "Kitten in a Hamster Ball" (it goes on too long...so we're told).

Jennifer Garner

The mom at the Oscars became the face of the Mental Load when she glazed over mid-polite-applause and asked herself the question we've all asked ourselves at one time or other: "Did I buy toilet paper?" Actually...we have no idea what she was really thinking. Turns out, neither does she, proving celebrities are all of us...just with better stylists.

Finally, on a serious note, we'd be remiss this Mother's Day if we didn't shout-out to the heroics of Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults, a working mother and Naval aviation groundbreaker who showed preternatural calm while landing her plane in a crisis. She said she was just doing her job. Our hats are off. To her and all the moms out there just doing your jobs...Happy Mother's Day.
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Working mothers are not a problem

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