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Maribeth Bearfield
This week, Forbes' Michelle King asked the question, "Is your career holding you back?"

And our own CHRO Maribeth Bearfield answered, "It may be the Mental Load."

Maribeth was interviewed by Michelle about what's dogging women's careers, and shared important points from our 2017 study, namely:

Women are trying to do it all:

"86 percent of women are still handling all primary responsibilities. The vast majority of women also feel that it is their responsibility to stay on top of their children's schedule. So, while women are holding similar jobs as men, they are being asked to do so much more outside of the workplace."

Why Employers need to help:

"Women are coming to work with a greater burden that we as employers need to help take care of. Mental load truly has an impact on productivity."

It's not just about women:

"There is also a stigma for men who want to be stronger caregivers in the family. If they want to take some of this burden off their wives, they feel it is frowned upon by colleagues."

Thanks, Maribeth!

Read the entire article, here.

And download the MFI below to read about the Mental Load and how it's playing out in your workplace.
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Maribeth Bearfield

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