Making the List, Making it Twice

It's celebration time at organizations across the U.S.: the Working Mother list of 100 Best Companies just came out.

The roster, according to the magazine, recognizes companies that "know what it takes to keep their employee moms productive and engaged both at work and at home." At Bright Horizons, we're proud and thrilled that 80 of the top 100  and each of the top ten  are our clients. On behalf of everyone here, I'd like to extend a hearty congratulations to all.

Scanning the list, what impressed me beyond the individual names was the number of companies that have been listed multiple times some for years. That's a pretty big deal.

Why Does That Matter?

First, it says that those companies are not just in it to make it on the list. They've recognized that employee support is the right  and the smart  thing to do, they've embraced a positive culture, and they've invested significant energy in making that culture a reality. And they're following through, year after year.

Second, they've found the secret to sustainability. Success in business is a long-term equation that requires withstanding highs and lows. And strong, supported employees confer that ability. Take a good look at the Working Mother names. The companies on that list even the ones new to it are no flashes in the pan. It's no accident that the same companies that are being recognized for their exemplary and forward-thinking people practices supports like child care and back-up care plus the unequivocal message to employees that "We support you" are big names in business. They're financial success stories. They attract the best employees. They're standouts in their fields. If you needed proof that supportive cultures work well, there you go.

Double Cause for Celebration: ROI

Embracing and delivering these kinds of supportive cultures remains a progressive mindset, and that makes it deserving of an ovation - from mothers, from families, and from people guys like me. But every company on that list knows there are rewards beyond applause.  Because supported employees drive strong companies. And with those progressive practices in place, when end-of-year financial statements come around, there's a good chance those same companies will be celebrating all over again.

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