In Los Angeles, an Exercise in the Value of a Back-Up Plan

Hollywood is a place known for its creativity on screen.
Currently, the area’s ingenuity is being tested off screen as well  – specifically in the workplace.
“Agencies, studios, networks and streamers across Hollywood will be playing school starting today as teachers in Los Angeles go on strike for the first time in 30 years,” wrote Deadline.
“Across the nation’s second largest school district, various plans are in place…for employees now facing a Monday with children not in school.”

Entertainment companies have been swift to react. Many have instituted on-the-fly bring your kids to work days. Others are jumping on the flexibility train, letting employees work more from home. Still others are leveraging back-up care.

“Last week, as it looked like a strike was coming,” wrote Deadline, “Sony sent out a note to staff indicating that Bright Horizons services would be available for ‘eligible employees’ with ‘back-up care for school-aged children through age 12.’”

“We have taken what I think are supportive steps to ensure UTA parents who need it can bring their kids to the office,” said a spokesman for UTA, another agency offering Bright Horizons back-up services.
“UTA parents do not need to be concerned about how to handle this unfortunate situation if they are in need of options.”
Wishing everyone out in L.A. the best.
Glad we could be of help!
Bright Horizons
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