February HR News Roundup

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March has arrived, (hopefully) bringing the promise of spring. With the short month of February in the rearview mirror, you're likely pretty busy, gearing up for the end of the first quarter. So instead of taking the time to comb through the latest news yourself, we've done it for you.

Take a look at what made our roundup of human resources news:

Tax-Free Student Loan Repayment

Does your organization offer a student loan repayment program? If so, we've got good news for you. A proposed expansion of Section 127, which currently allows employees to exclude up to $5,250 each year in employer-provided educational assistance from their taxable income, would include tax-free student loan repayments, too. This could be a recruitment jackpot for your organization, especially for attracting - and retaining - Millennial employees.

The Return to Work

The transition back to work post-baby - for new moms and dads - remains a hot topic...family-friendly is now a priority for many new parents when it comes to their careers. In fact, Bright Horizons' Modern Family Index found that upon returning to work, about half take a job for less money at a family-friendly employer.

Employee Burnout is Still Burning Strong

According to a recent study conducted by Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace, 95% of human resource leaders say that employee burnout is sabotaging their workforce...is it affecting yours? The same study dug deeper into the key factors HR leaders believe are driving burnout - aside from the obvious heavy workload and long hours. What did they find? Three things, each within organizational control: poor management, employees seeing no clear connection between their role and corporate strategy, and a negative workplace culture.

Generation Z is Headed to the Office

Brace yourself: the oldest members of Gen Z - or Gen Edge - are entering the workforce. And the generation as a whole is even bigger than the often discussed Millennial generation. What does this mean for the future? A recent study conducted by generational consulting company, BridgeWorks, found that 74% of Gen Z said they will struggle with in-person communication at work; 32% said they would plan to stay with one company for 11+ years; and 90% said they'd like to see more female leaders in the workforce. It's time to start thinking about how your organization will adapt to meet the needs of these new employees.

We All Want Great Employees!

But these 10 positions are especially in demand this year:

  • Data scientist
  • Financial advisor
  • General and operations manager
  • Home health aide
  • Information security analyst
  • Medical services manager
  • Physical therapist
  • Registered nurse
  • Software engineer
  • Truck driver
When thinking about your hiring plans for 2017 - especially if you're looking to hire for any of the 10 positions above - make sure you're focusing on how to stand out from your competition and attract the best talent.

Recruitment and Benefits Go Hand-in-Hand

Continuing down the talent acquisition path, benefits are becoming increasingly important to your employees - and they factor into employment decisions. A recent study looked at the benefits that are most valued by job seekers...and they found that things like flexible hours and the option to work from home are near the top of the list. And lucky for you, benefits that give your employees greater flexibility are usually affordable.  
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Employee Satisfaction & Benefits ROI

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