HR Strategies with 100 Percent ROI

HR strategy
We all know return on investment measures how much you gain versus what you spend. So, it stands to reason that some of your biggest ROI will come from implementing strategies that don't cost a thing.  

As we move through the first quarter of 2018, here are 10 cultural HR strategies that offer undeniably fat ROI.

Career Ladders:

When you illustrate a realistic career target - with a map of how to get there -- people are more likely to want to stick around and aim for it.

Career Lattices:

Up, up, and away isn't the only way to go. Opening the possibilities of moving sideways (and so allowing people to consider a new career track) retains today's cultural fits and attracts tomorrow's potential hires.


Official mentoring programs give newcomers the value of learning and veterans the value of teaching. Everybody wins...especially the organization.

Department Connections:

Getting people out of their silos - via meetings, events, or other get-togethers - offers appreciation for each other's disciplines and a big-picture look at the organization's mission and one's place in it.

Formal Reviews:

Scheduled feedback (versus merely telling people when they're wrong) says, "Here's how you're doing today, and here's what you have to do to get where you want to go tomorrow." Along with career maps, it's retention in a bottle.

Open Doors:

Listening - and being responsive - speaks volumes, creating a landscape where people speak up instead of whisper in hallways. Even better, leaders who listen to employees create employees who listen to each other.

Good Humor:

Fun during quiet times can do a lot to support teamwork during the stressful ones. A recent Bright Horizons email told us about games in the conference room and invited employees to "Come play!" A lot of us did.


Employees can waste valuable worktime playing "Should I or shouldn't I go in?" if they're sick or assessing weather conditions. Let them make the call and trust their assessment without judgment. They'll pay you back in productivity.

Dress code:

Easing the dress code (and so the, "what to wear" dilemma) can subtract hours of angst from a morning routine and inject a lot of good will. Around here, we're still doing the happy dance over our move to jeans...and that was three years ago.

Appreciation and Recognition:

Never underestimate the ROI of a heartfelt "thank you."

Finally, embrace your quirks. Culture isn't just value statements; it's also the shared, insider experiences that make us more than a group of desks...but a family. In my office we know the rubber chicken is a mascot; the parking garage is a nightmare; and an oncoming storm means we'll soon be receiving an email reminder to drive safely. That kind of ROI is hard to measure for HR strategies but it certainly adds up to more than 100%.
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