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What's going on in HR News this week? Here's a roundup of some of the top stories.

Millennials at Work

Trying to recruit and manage Millennials at your organization?

Recruiting Millennials

Great Place to Work CEO Michael Bush states Millennials' employers might span the range of industries, but their employers have clear commonalities. In addition to cultures grounded in fairness and respect, Bush stated, "Career progression [and] professional and personal development are very important to millennials and should be equally important to business leaders."

Managing Millennials

According to Talent Management and HR (TLNT), you may want to check how your Millennial employees are being managed and mentored because it has a big impact on their success and happiness. TLNT notes that "Millennials who lack one or more of these key individuals - moms, managers, and mentors - in their life may actually find the transition from school-to-work-to-career easier than the young person who is a victim of having the wrong people in these roles, or worse, an over-zealous person in a role who intrudes on the role of another."

Check out our recent webinar, exploring what Millennials want at work, with MasterCard CLO Janice Burns.

Spreading Happiness at Work

With Benefits Pro announcing that job stress could be the new second-hand smoke, it seems like Chief Happiness Officers are popping up everywhere. 

Skills Gaps and the Future Workforce

As competition for recruiting and retaining talent intensifies, so has discussion about closing skills gaps and ensuring the future workforce is ready for work.

Do a Skills Gap Analysis - Today

TLNT reports that while 58% of CEOs are concerned that skills gaps will hinder company growth, only 1/3 of organizations have conducted a "skills gap analysis." For more, including real steps HR leaders can take today, read on.

Don't Forget to Look at Those Job Applicants

SHRM is asking if young professionals are really ready for the workforce. In fact, their Workforce Readiness and Skills Shortages survey revealed HR leaders found new hires lacking in soft skills like relationship building and professionalism. Even if you didn't join the conversation, take a look at the #Nextchat questions for some good food for thought.

Financial Wellness: Are Student Loans the Elephant in the Room?

Low- to moderate-income workers "face a level of financial stress that not only stifles their financial futures, but can also affect job performance," says Andrea Levere, President, Corporation for Enterprise Development. So what do you do?

Start a Financial Wellness Program

Top employers across industries are launching programs to help boost employees' financial wellness.

Address Student Loan Debt

While help with budgeting and understanding loan options are important, don't forget the largest crisis facing working people and new workers today - student loan debt. With the mounting concerns around education debt, is it any wonder that CLOs are adjusting their strategies to replace graduate degrees?

How Working Parents Are Really Feeling about Work-Life Balance

Based on recent trending news, you might think things are looking bright for working parents. Twitter has joined the ranks of employers helping moms to ship breastmilk back home. And the work/life world has been abuzz this month about Accenture's new travel policy for working parents. Even still, many working parents say the picture isn't so bright. 

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