From Our Blog: How to Help Kids Bond with Their Grandparents

Kids bonding with their grandmas|Child bonding with her grandma
Whether your child's grandparents live close by or far away, there are different things you can do to show grandma and grandpa how much they mean to your family…and help them develop a relationship with your child. In today's post our Family Room bloggers are sharing how they help their parents bond with their children:

Ways to Help Kids Bond with Their Grandparents

“Allow them time and space to be together. Grandparents won’t do things exactly how we do them, but allowing them the flexibility and leniency to bond with our son in their own way has enabled them to develop strong bonds. Our son knows that ice cream will likely never be served for breakfast at our house (okay, maybe someday…), but it’s one of his fondest memories so far with his grandparents.” – Marisa

“I don’t think we consciously did anything to get our son to bond with his grandparents, but we make sure that he spends as much time as our schedules allow with them. They are our fill-in babysitters when needed and do drop-offs at daycare whenever we need them to. We try not to have the same toys that each grandparent has – that way, when we go to their houses, the toys are something new and special only grandma and grandpa have to play with.” – Aili

“It’s all about FaceTime on the phone. I encourage my girls to call their grandparents whenever they want and take the phone into their own room and talk without me – it helps to have consistent one-on-one time together.” – Emily

“Their grandparents (on both sides) all live within about 45 minutes of us. Unfortunately, we probably don’t get together as often as we’d like, but my children know that they’re an extension of our family of four. We make every effort to go to breakfast or dinner once a month and they attend many of the kids’ special events, like school concerts, art shows, and sports.” – Melissa

Your child might see grandma and grandpa once a week…or once a year. How do you help them bond with each other?

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Kids bonding with their grandmas|Child bonding with her grandma