Insights from ASHHRA: Strategic Approaches to Healthcare Talent Management

Healthcare Talent Management & Nurse Education
Over the next few days, I'll be attending the ASHHRA 2015 Annual Conference to hear and learn about new transformative ideas to support the ever-changing HR healthcare talent management landscape.

With hundreds of healthcare HR executives in attendance, a common theme is how to mitigate risk for their healthcare organizations.

However, in the last two conferences that I attended - "People in Healthcare" by Talent Management Alliance; and LEAP Healthcare Conference by Hansonwade in Chicago last month - the big buzz was around talent management and workforce planning, specifically on how to increase employee engagement around career mobility for Millennials.

Critical Themes in Healthcare Talent Management

The descriptions of the sessions below seem to follow that same theme: 

  • Turning a Talent Management Strategy into Reality
  • Start with Your Leaders to Build a Culture of Engagement
  • Developing the Next Generation of Health Care Professionals
  • Building a Learning Organization that Links with Organizational Strategy
  • HR-Tolerated Cost or Trusted Strategic Partner
The titles of these sessions say that increasing employee engagement on career mobility will be a hot topic. Talent management and workforce planning executives are now starting to initiate actionable programs to deliver measurable results and I'm excited to listen in and participate.

If you'd like to talk to EdAssist live at the ASHHRA conference, stop by Booth 602.
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Healthcare Talent Management & Nurse Education

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