Happy Healthcare HR Week!

ASHHRA Healthcare HR Week 2016

Human resources is well known for addressing what ails the workforce.

Apparently, in healthcare, that can be taken quite literally. We don't know of any other talent-management pro who might be asked to, say...do this:


Or,  these other signs you work in healthcare HR.

Happy Healthcare HR Week

In honor of such sensitive bedside manners, we salute ASHHRA's official Healthcare HR week. Observed March 13 through March 19, it's seven days "to recognize human resources professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the nation for the daily issues they face," says ASHHRA.

And we here at Bright Horizons know it's not all fun and games. Healthcare talent people have a job requiring nothing short of surgical precision. Diagnosing engagement issues, for example, takes on a completely different sense of urgency when it's related not just to productivity, as it is in most industries, but patient safety and health outcomes. In the same vein, talent shortages and keeping workforce skills current have exceptionally pressing cause-and-effect ripples.

The above plus government regulation, changing reimbursement rules, medical-record keeping, and new technology is symbolic of an industry in complete evolution.

A Shout Out to Healthcare HR - People with Patience

It's clearly a career choice not for the faint of heart. And we, along with ASHHRA, salute those dedicated professionals who so gracefully tend to some of the HR world's more delicate conditions.

Check the ASHHRA site for a full list of how to celebrate.

And as this week gets underway, all of us at Bright Horizons send a shout out to all the healers of the healers. May you never run out of patience.

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ASHHRA Healthcare HR Week 2016

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