A Holiday Thank You from Bright Horizons

Happy Holidays graphic with a lamppost

This time of year always makes us a little wistful.

Not just about the season, but the work we get to do year-round, and the people we get to do it for:

The parents, children, the students of all ages. 

If you’ve met anyone in our Bright Horizons family – our home office, our Colorado office, our centers, our remote offices, overseas – you know this is something we feel pretty passionately about.

None of it would happen without the clients and families who trust us…

Or the hard-working people who make it all possible.

So on this night before a day much of the world will go quiet for a little while,

We’d like to say to all, whatever you’re celebrating this season…

A happy season to all…

And may your holidays be bright.

Happy Holidays graphic with a lamppost

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