Dream Company: The Triple Threat of Top Employers

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Look around your organization; I imagine there are jobs you have a tough time filling and keeping people in.

These jobs - IT, human resources, engineers, and nurses among them - are extremely important. You need these skills, other companies need them, and they can be easily transferred from one employer to another.

That presents a problem. As the job market improves, so do the job options for people with these skills; and for many, the grass is starting to look a whole lot greener at your competitor. Unless you can offer these valuable people a compelling reason to stay, you could have whole departments scrambling.

Recruitment, Retention, and What Employees are Really Looking For

So what exactly are people looking for? You might be surprised to learn that it's not just about the job. Our research tells us that what people really want might be called a cultural triple threat: an employer that cares about their well-being, who provides growth opportunities, and who promotes work/life balance.

Together, those three things make up today's Dream Company.

The Benefits of Being a Dream Company...and an Employer of Choice

Most organizational leaders would agree that they have the power to move the needle on the three above job elements. And our research tells us there's good reason to.

Horizons Workforce Consulting surveyed more than 4,000 working adults from across geographies and industries and found substantial benefits associated with being this kind of Dream Company - significantly greater benefits than merely having people who are in Dream Jobs. Our research indicates that employees working for a Dream Company are happier and more likely to be productive than if they were working in their Dream Job. Some more food for thought:

  • Employees in Dream Companies are 62% less likely to report being burned out than those in Dream Jobs
  • They're more likely to be satisfied with their health
  • They're nearly 200% less likely to want to leave their jobs

What's Good for Employees is Good for Bottom Lines

Do these findings surprise you? They shouldn't. Dream Jobs, after all, are about job titles. Dream Companies are about the collective experience of doing that job. Being in an organization that really cares about your well-being, promotes work/life balance, and provides opportunities to learn and grow a career is both inspirational and aspirational.

And that counts for a lot. But there's a more basic argument. Given how much time we all spend at work, most people would say that working at a place they consider a Dream Company is just a phenomenal way to spend a day. And that has benefits for everyone.

What does it take to be a Dream Company and how can you become one? Download the study to get the data and learn the full Benefits of Being a Dream Company.
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Download our study on being a dream company.

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