5 Ways You Know You're Working with a Cubs Fan

cubs fan
Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs shared this letter for fans to give to the boss on the day of game 7 of the World Series. We think they were a day early. It's not that we think Cubs fans stayed up too late last night to get to work this morning. It's that we're pretty sure they probably never went to bed. Heck, those of us who turned off the TV early last night half expected to find the two teams still playing this morning.

The Curse is Over!

We here in Boston know a thing or two about long-suffering fans. We also know about celebrating broken curses (can you say, "Bambino?"). And by the way ; post-game mornings are big days for absences anyway. So if you see an empty cubicle today with a Cubs pennant, have pity; 108 years is a long time. On the other hand, if your Cubs fans do show up today, what are the five ways to identify them? Who are we kidding? We don't need five. We've got just one: the giant grin. Because there's no way today that you won't be able to identify a Cubs fan.

Congratulations, Chicago. Go Cubs Go!
cubs fan

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