Why You Should Care About Employee Wellbeing

care about employee wellbeing
Employee wellbeing is a pretty popular term these days, and it sounds great for them - your employees. But if you decide to implement benefits that support it, what's in it for you? Competition among organizations to attract and retain the best talent is fierce. Those who win out are focusing on exactly what today's workforce is looking for: an employer who not only cares about them as people, but also supports their wellbeing through a variety of resources and benefits. Focusing on employee wellbeing will not only propel your recruitment and retention efforts, it will create a performance-driven environment...not to mention, you'll have happier, healthier employees.

We've pinpointed four key reasons why you should care about employee wellbeing:

1. You'll have an energetic workforce.

When employees have a high level of wellbeing, you'll notice it in their actions and attitudes. They'll have more energy and will be more optimistic - consequently, they'll be more engaged, have fewer health complaints, and miss fewer workdays. In fact, 57% of employees with high levels of wellbeing reported putting in extra effort at work, as compared to 28% of employees with low levels of wellbeing.

2. They'll be focused and productive.

With higher levels of wellbeing, employees will not only feel better, they'll work better. Higher energy and engagement lead to things like enhanced employee productivity. Employees who feel good will be more likely to put in extra effort at work (more than twice as likely as those with low levels of wellbeing, to be exact).

3. They'll be happy with their jobs.

When employees feel good about themselves, their lives, and are able to balance work with life, they're four times as likely to be happy with their jobs as those with low levels of wellbeing. Employees who love their jobs talk about their careers and their organizations with others, which can be an easy recruitment tool for you.

4. Bouncing back won't be a problem.

With the ebbs and flows in life, resilience is key to managing one's personal and professional responsibilities. Employees with high levels of wellbeing will have an easier time bouncing back from life events that might otherwise affect performance and productivity at work.

Paying attention to your employees' wellbeing and finding ways to support it are in your best interest. Doing so will help you create a winning workforce full of employees who care about your organization, their jobs, and encourage others to do the same.

Does your organization offer benefits that care about employee wellbeing? If so, what are they?
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care about employee wellbeing

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