Celebrating Camp Amgen – a Story That Makes Our Hearts Happy

Megan Wang as a preschooler and as a teenager side by side

We always say our child care centers are about more than children…but whole families.

And this awesome chain reaction is too good not to share... 

It starts with Amgen.

The biopharmaceutical company (and Bright Horizons client) opened its child care center, Camp Amgen, in 1998.

That led to Julie, a hardworking Amgen mom, who used the center for her three daughters when she was a Global Publications, Medical Writing Senior Manager. “It really helped us to balance demanding work schedules with being parents of young children,” she says. 

That led to Megan, one of Julie’s three daughters, who at 14, still remembered her happy time at the center, and thought of Camp Amgen when she started her Girl Scout Gold Award project on maternal mental health and the link to financial stress (we heart you, Megan)….

Which led to Megan’s former teacher, Leyla Pinsent (now Camp Amgen’s program director) who of course remembered her long-ago student, and said, “no problem,” when Megan asked for help. 

And that led to

…a collection bin in the Camp Amgen lobby 

…current Camp Amgen families (lots of current families) pitching in to help 

…donations (lots of donations -- more than 1,450 diapers and 1,024 wipes) filling those bins

Which led to real help for 70 real families that really needed it. 

And that led to a warm-fuzzy story we’re calling, “From Diapers to Diaper Drives.”

And it all started with children in a child care center. 

We call that a full circle. 

“The building where my office was located was a short walk from Camp Amgen, and I loved being able to visit my daughters when they were infants,” remembers Julie of her family’s happy Camp Amgen days. “As they got older, I was sometimes able to pick them up for lunch or see them on walks around the campus. They have fond memories of having pizza at the Amgen cafeteria!”

Happy memories all around. 

Thanks, Julie, for the great story. 

And brava, Megan, Leyla, Julie, and all the families involved in this heartwarming vignette. 

Proof that our client’s centers are more than centers; but community hubs with heart, making connections that last.  

Best of luck with that Gold Award, Megan!

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Megan Wang as a preschooler and as a teenager side by side

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