“Excuse me, my kids are here, live television”: When Bringing Your Children to Work goes Viral

Working mom bringing her daughter to work with her

Punctuation is a powerful thing.

Consider these two sentences:

I am trying to work with children.

I am trying to work, with children.

The former denotes a dedicated student of early childhood education working toward becoming (we hope!) one of our fabulous teachers in a Bright Horizons center.

The latter gives you this:

NBC reporter interrupted by her son on air at work

And all it took was a comma.

On the bright side, mom soldiered on…because a working mom’s job is never done (exclamation point!).   

“Excuse me, my kids are here,” said the unflappable Courtney Kube.

We’ve all been there.

Think it only happens to moms? Check out this guy.

Have we mentioned how much we love back-up care?

Happy National Work and Family Month!

Working mom bringing her daughter to work with her

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