Back to School! More Than 1,200 Start on the Path to College Degrees!

Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions team helping client employees at the virtual education fair

School sweatshirts were everywhere at our offices last week. 

College day at work? Sort of.

More like “helping our client’s employees get into college” day. 

Welcome to the virtual education fair 2019 -- the day that takes future adult learners from, “Could I?” to, “I can!”

Tuition Programs + Education Coaches = Graduations!

The 9th annual event connected folks who want to go back to school (all employees of our tuition-program clients) with education coaches (the folks in those alma mater sweatshirts) who show them how it’s done. More than 1,200 people logged in from all over. 

How’d it go? We’ll let the future students tell you:

“Thanks for the vote of confidence!”

“Well, thanks for the AWESOME info! Sounds like I need to set some time up with a coach and talk with a couple of the schools.”

“Great, great, great information. I am sharing with my daughter. As for myself I will checking into the schools that you have listed for me. Thanks so much!”

“I am excited! Just want to start this process because I’m also interested in Psychology and I’m thinking about doing my Masters after that!”

“Thank you so much for assisting my degree seeking staff members!” wrote one employer on LinkedIn. “Your assistance is the welcome they need on a very important journey to personal and professional development. I appreciate you!”

We appreciate YOU! Because when it comes to succeeding in school, the two things all adult learners need is support from their employers….and a little help from their friends.

A shoutout to all our clients for their tuition programs.  

And a “woot!” to our awesome education coaches – rock stars in the sweatshirts. 

Your alma maters were all lucky to have you!

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Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions team helping client employees at the virtual education fair

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