Spring break pop-up camps: One simple solution to closing care gaps

Students working on an art project

For some families, school breaks can be a major disruption.

Finding temporary child care is difficult, and parents don’t always have the option to take time off.

With this predicament in mind, one of our healthcare clients partnered with us to create a spring break pop-up camp for their employees. 

Each day, the employees’ children engaged in enriching activities that inspired wonder, natural curiosity, and rich imaginations – all essential aspects of our Discovery Driven Learning® approach.

At the camp, we created a Movement Matters room where children exercised their gross motor activities – all while having fun and making friends. In this room, campers had an amazing time participating in sports and dance parties.

Memory board from a spring break camp

When campers were not in the Movement Matters room, they continued their journey of discovery through fun, brain building tasks.

These activities included strengthening their STEM skills by making their own playdoh and goop as well as engaging in art projects. 

Our young artists experimented with different media to make wonderful creations, such as individual paintings, jewelry, and wind chimes.

Campers engaging in an art project

The campers also enjoyed their time outside where they played basketball, hide and seek, and tag. They even created beautiful murals with chalk.

It was such a great experience that families left happy and eager to return the next day!

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Students working on an art project

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