Woo Hoo! Here's to a Game-Saving Play!

back-up care
It was make or break time. The clock was ticking!.time running out!inches to success!a miss would mean more overtime. It would come down to the call!the handoff!the perfect execution. Clutch. Heroic Patriots' running back James White taking the ball and running it into the end zone? Well!yeah. But there's also Kevin, Account Exec, working dad, man without child care.

"Saving Me Today"

Kevin's wife had been at the Super Bowl (did we mention there was a big game?). And while the rest of the world was still trying to shake off the late night, or Googling "GOAT," Kevin was calling back-up care to get a child care provider to his house so he could get to work. "Using inhouse today to help until my wife gets home from Houston," Kevin texted us on his post-Super Bowl morning. "Saving me today." Score!

Never Punt Again

We'll dispense with all the analogies about how back-up care avoids delay of game, keeps your team on the field, helps you convert every play into an opportunity. We'll resist the urge to talk about how it maximizes your active roster, helps you run with the ball, and makes sure you capitalize on every extra point (because seriously!.those are really, really important). We won't mention that when everyone's in position, you're set up for some seriously improbable catches. We'll just say when you know your players are covered!you'll never have to punt. Did we mention the handoff went perfectly this morning and Kevin made it to work!as quarterback for his clients? Glad things worked out for you, Kevin!.call on us anytime! P.S. You'll have to forgive our giddy euphoria here in Patriot's Nation today, and... Congrats Pats!
back-up care

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