7 Times Back-Up Care Saves the Day for Your Employees

employer-sponsored back-up care
It's almost President's Day!do you know where your working parents will be? Maybe not. President's Day means no school, so no child care!and even if it isn't a holiday within your organization, for many employees, it still means no work. And that's only one dependent care situation that can challenge your employees' productivity. How is your organization coming to their aid? There are many situations in which back-up care can act as a safety net for your employees and their families. We've listed just seven:

1. When there are more school holidays than anticipated

It seems like 2017 just began, but working parents are already thinking about finding care for spring break and a slew of other holidays, not to mention parent/teacher conferences, half days, and any weather-related delays or closings that may come up unexpectedly.

2. When illness strikes

Colds, ear infections, and fevers spring up out of the blue. What will your employees do when the nanny gets sick and can't take care of the kids!or their child wakes up with a mild fever and can't go to school?

3. When there's a last-minute work event

Your employee might already have child care lined up for the annual off-site meeting. But he may not know what to do about a last-minute client dinner tomorrow that conflicts with child care pick-up, dinner, and bed time.

4. When they decide to go back to school

On top of a full-time job and caring for their children or elder relatives (or both!), your employees might be taking online or evening classes, but their commitment doesn't end there. They'll also have to make time for homework, group projects, and exams.

5. When weather poses a challenge

Weather can cause school delays or closings, but it can also prevent your employees from getting where they need to be. They might normally check in on a parent or elder relative who lives a couple towns over!but when there's two feet of snow, they may not be able to make it.

6. When someone has a health emergency

Baby boomers and Gen Xers in the sandwich generation make up 63% of the workforce, which means you likely have employees whose parents and relatives are getting up in age. Family emergencies can come up without warning ; a parent can fall and break a hip, have a stroke, or get a discouraging diagnosis; and will require your employees' attention.

7. Back-up Care for Whenever they need extra support

There will be times when your employees are simply overwhelmed by their daily work and family responsibilities and might just need an extra hand; someone to help get the children out the door and on the school bus; someone to fill in when the nanny is on vacation; or someone to help care for the children while a spouse is recovering from surgery. Think about your employees, the many times they might need extra support, and how you can help make their lives easier. With back-up care in your benefits portfolio, your employees will be less stressed and, in turn, more productive at work ; talk about a win-win situation.  
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employer-sponsored back-up care

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