From Our Blog: 25 Truths About Toddler Teachers

toddler teacher helping two students at Bright Horizons
Toddler teachers inspire me. They truly do. Not only can they redirect a toddler in the blink of an eye but they can transform the most ordinary activities - a walk to the park - into an amazing adventure to outer space. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Month, here are some of the things I've learned about toddler teachers this year:

What it Takes to Be a Toddler Teacher

  1. The energy toddler teachers bring to the classroom is contagious.
  2. They have enough patience to handle a classroom full of toddlers going through the “mine” stage all at once.
  3. They inspire your toddler every day.
  4. They have a sense of humor. You can’t survive the toddler stage without one.
  5. They are incredibly creative.
  6. They clean up after a room full of toddlers multiple times a day.
  7. Toddler teachers leave parents like me in awe—my daughter didn’t want to leave at pick-up and swatted at my face when I said it was time to go. Instead of looking up at me, she looked over to her teacher, who was watching the whole time, and then looked back at me and apologized. I wish I had that superpower!
  8. They wipe A LOT of runny noses throughout the day.
  9. They wash their hands A LOT throughout the day
  10. Toddler teachers have fantastic memories. I can keep track of belongings in my house for myself, my daughter, and often even for my husband, but imagine doing that for a class full of toddlers misplacing something every 2.5 seconds.
  11. They can make a walk to the park an amazing adventure to outer space.
  12. They are diaper changing and potty training wizards!
  13. They have no qualms talking about poop and pee.
  14. They are miracle workers—getting that many toddlers to nap at the same time is no easy feat!
  15. They appreciate a heads up if your child is not themselves that day.
  16. They know the lyrics and hand motions to more children’s songs than I can count, and they’ve taught them all to our toddlers.
  17. They see everything going on in their classroom.
  18. Toddler teachers love to hear that their kids are learning from them and that they’re having an impact.
  19. They are able to redirect a toddler in the blink of an eye.
  20. They are crafty—using recycled boxes and egg cartons for activities and endless fun.
  21. They’ve helped your toddler quite a bit with that art project you took home the other day, so don’t just throw it in your bag when you see it in the cubby.
  22. They know who listens and who doesn’t, how well they listen, how easily distracted they can get, who sings along, who poops multiple times a day vs. once a day, who counts along, who is a picky eater and who isn’t…need I say more?
  23. They’re flexible. They adjust their teaching and care-giving style to each child’s personality and needs.
  24. They are always at least two-steps ahead of everything to ensure their kids are busy, learning, and having fun.
  25. They love what they do.

Thank you, toddler teachers.

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toddler teacher helping two students at Bright Horizons