Summer Care Solutions To Have In Your Back Pocket

summer care solutions to have in your back pocket

Every working parent knows summer doesn’t actually start with the vernal equinox in June; really, it started way back on whatever cold, winter day the first camp launched the message, “registration starts today!” For those who missed that moment, summer has been a concern since February.

Still, even though the season’s here, those without a confirmed space for camp shouldn’t give up. You just need options. That’s true for everyone --- even parents with the most carefully planned, well-oiled summer machines (and to those, we bow). Because when it comes to parenting, there are always those days when things don’t go quite as planned.

What should be in every parent’s back pocket for the months ahead?

Drop-in camps

Super-fun summer programs you just show up at? Yep, they really exist – an antidote to the ones you had to book months ago. Drop-in schedules are made for working parents; some camps even have summer-pass programs that let you choose individual days and locations. It’s worth checking to see if camps and related discounts are offered through your company benefits.

Sitter and nanny search help

Finding a sitter the old-school way (the daughter of a friend of a neighbor…) isn’t so easy anymore. Most of us need either a DIY search engine (make sure any site you choose offers backgrounds checks without paying extra) or a nanny service that will do the searching for you. Another option: check with local high schools and colleges (many have places to post jobs). However you search, starting early means you can do a tryout (or 10) via date nights ahead of time. Even if you’re lucky enough to find one nanny to get you through the whole summer, you’ll want some backups, just in case. So start now to assemble your team.  


OK, this isn’t your standard-issue “what I did with my summer vacation” suggestion (and it’s definitely not going to top kids’ happy lists). But, hear us out. If you’re already imagining next year’s homework battle over mixed operations or what the heck a place value is, there’s much to be said for a little academic enrichment. Plus, you’ll be replacing some otherwise aimless time spent opening and closing the refrigerator with something supervised -- and productive. A twofer.

Child care centers

Here’s a fun fact about child care centers – they’re not just for preschoolers, or just the school year. Some centers have summer camp programs that take school-age children. If you’ve got multiple kids, it means the potential for one drop-off, one-pick-up, and siblings who get to hang out at the same place. 

And if these don’t work for you, here are a few other tips to survive the summer as a working parent.

Whatever you’re considering, you’ll want to start now.

Because remember, no matter what month you’re reading this in…

It’s almost summer.

summer care solutions to have in your back pocket

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