Our Best Parenting Tips & Resources of 2018

Preschool boy touching his mom's pregnant stomach

As we approach the end of 2018, we’re bringing back your favorite Bright Horizons content from the past year. We’ve rounded up the best of the best articles, blogs, podcasts, and webinars. Take a look!


Parenting Articles

Preschooler washing dishes

Involving Preschoolers in Household Chores

Do you have a never-ending to-do list? Your preschooler wants to help! Being strategic is the key — start with smaller, simpler tasks, such as sorting socks and picking up toys. Find out how letting your little one help around the house can build his or her confidence, create family unity, and strengthen skills.


Preschooler pouring milk

8 Ideas to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthier Foods

Let’s face it: kids love chicken nuggets and sugary cereal. But these fun foods don’t provide the nutritional value that growing children need. Find out how to get your child interested in better eating habits and get eight healthy food ideas your children will love.


Reducing separation anxiety at drop-off

Reducing Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be hard on your child (and you!) and might come and go throughout the early years. What can you do to help reduce it at every age and stage? Find out how reading or drawing with your child before you leave and setting up a goodbye ritual can help.


Mom helping her daughter use the computer

Children & Technology

Technology can’t replace real-life, hands-on opportunities, but it has educational value when it’s used thoughtfully. Learn how to make the most of it with ideas such as using a tablet as a picture book, doing online research with your school-ager, and more.


Young girl clinging to her dad

How to Help Your Child Relieve Stress

Stress is inevitable — even for children. And it can be caused by things like moving from a crib to a bed, having a new sibling at home, or dealing with a dramatic schedule change. Discover six ways to help your child cope with stressful situations.


Parenting Blogs

Pregnant mom in her office

Returning from Maternity Leave 

No matter how long your maternity leave is, stepping out of your career for any period of time can be nerve-wracking. But mapping out your leave ahead of time will make those first few weeks back at work that much easier. Find out how you can prepare.


Preschooler blowing a big bubble outside

Ways to Keep Kids Learning Over the Summer

Summer is a time for a bit more relaxation, but that doesn’t mean that learning has to stop. How can you keep young minds thinking? Get creative learning ideas, from becoming a “tourist” in your own town, to participating in summer reading, and more.


Toddler playing with legos

Encouraging Persistence in Your Young Child 

Staying calm can be tough — for anyone! But for toddlers, limited life experience can make it nearly impossible. How can you encourage your little one to persist through frustration? Find out how to cheer your child on, be patient, and set a good example.


Landscape of trees and mountains

Our Favorite Fall Traditions

When fall rolls around, you might struggle to find new things to do with your child. Or, you might be short on ideas for a new family tradition. Either way, we’ve got you covered with cooking activities, outdoor adventures, games, and everything in between.


Young boy reaching into a grocery bag

Shop Our “Healthy Kids” Grocery List  

With babies and toddlers, it might be easier to offer a banana when begging for a cookie isn’t a skill they know yet…but it gets harder when they’re old enough to have a say in their meal and snack choices. Find out what to include on your grocery list.


Parenting Webinars

Raising a resilient child

How Does My Child Learn?

Watching your little one recognize letters or count fingers and toes will make you proud, but how much do you know about what’s behind that learning? Watch this webinar to discover the science of learning.


New mom holding her infant daughter

Life as a New Working Parent

Being a new parent is overwhelming, especially when it’s time to go back to work after baby. Watch this webinar to learn how to tackle the two biggest return-to-work challenges.


Parenting Podcasts

Mom and dad co-parenting their infant son

Peaceful Parenting on Busy Workdays

We’ve all been there…the get-out-the-door chaos, the after-work frenzy, those toddler-parent moments when things just seem to go, “kaboom.” Is there a better way? Listen to this podcast to put peaceful parenting back into your day.


Woman on her cell phone at work

Making Work and Life Fit

Are you struggling to make more room for family, work, or personal time? Do you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Listen to this podcast to find out how “place, pace, and space” can help you create a work-life “fit.”


Tips for decluttering

Bored? Good!

When you hear those dreaded words — “I’m bored” — you probably wonder how you should respond. Listen to the podcast to explore the value of boredom, the importance of leaving parts of the day unscheduled, and ways to turn downtime into a meaningful experience.


Thank you for giving Bright Horizons the opportunity to share in your parenting journey throughout the past year! Stay tuned for our 2019 lineup — it will offer even more timely content, relevant advice, and resources for every age and stage.

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Preschool boy touching his mom's pregnant stomach