HR spotlight: How five companies set employees up for sustained success

Yale University Child Care Center

Competition for top talent is increasing across industries, prompting leading organizations to look for new solutions to attract, retain, and elevate their workforce. 77% of employees say that having child care support is important to how productively they work, with 49% wishing their employer would do more to help them navigate their personal and professional responsibilities seamlessly.

Family care solutions like back-up care can help provide this peace of mind, while also boosting employee productivity and engagement. These programs offer a lifeline for employees facing unexpected gaps in their child, elder, and pet care coverage, allowing them to meet their professional responsibilities without having to scramble to find last-minute care. 

By implementing back-up care, employers demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and support, while also greatly reducing absenteeism and driving better business outcomes. Back-up care is not just a perk, but a strategic investment in the success and sustainability of your workforce. 

Here are five companies Bright Horizons is proud to partner with who leverage back-up care benefits to elevate engagement and grow their businesses:

Weill Cornell

For many of the healthcare professionals at Weill Cornell Medicine, missing a workday because of an unexpected family care conflict simply isn’t an option. In the high pressure and demanding world of healthcare, the New York medical institution relies on back-up care benefits to give its employees peace of mind and keep them focused on patient care. Hear directly from Weill Cornell’s HR leaders and employees as they share how benefits like back-up care drive long-term retention and loyalty.


Conscious of the fact that care needs change over time, the healthcare provider also works with Bright Horizons to deliver a wide range of services that enable employee well-being at all life stages.

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Boyd Group

In the collision repair industry, competition for highly specialized talent can often come down to minute variations in salary. As one of the largest non-franchised collision repair centers in the US, the Boyd Group knew it had to do something to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide employees with a best-in-class experience. Seeking a solution to reduce churn and draw in new talent, specifically women, in an aging and male-dominated industry, the organization decided to implement back-up care benefits for its frontline workforce. Reaffirming its commitment to employee well-being positioned the Boyd Group as an employer of choice in an industry where employee retention and satisfaction are paramount.

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Cone Health

Cone Health, one of North Carolina’s most prominent healthcare networks, follows a simple motto: “We are right here with you.” That statement is as true for the organization’s 13,000 employees as it is for the thousands of North Carolinians who rely on it for care each year. Knowing that it caters to a diverse array of family care needs, Cone Health implemented back-up care benefits to help employees fill care gaps for their children, elderly relatives, and even pets. Though the organization understands the value of these benefits is often intangible, the early feedback from employees is incredibly encouraging. By offering such comprehensive support, Cone Health ensures that its employees can bring their full focus and dedication to their work every day without the added stress of arranging care.

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Yale University

As one of the premier higher education institutions in the world, it's essential that Yale University provides best-in-class benefits to support the needs of its 16,000+ faculty, staff, and researchers. But with five generations represented in its workforce, Yale knows there is no one-size-fits-all solution to its family care challenges. Well ahead of the curve in implementing family care benefits, the university has partnered with Bright Horizons since 2008 to offer a diverse range of solutions which meet the needs of every employee. These flexible and tailored benefits allow Yale employees to strike a better balance between work and life, and ultimately contribute to a more engaged, productive, and satisfied workforce.


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A prominent provider of technology and investment solutions, SEI strives to “build brave futures” for its clients and 5,000 employees alike. By empowering its workforce to bring their best selves to work every day, the organization hopes to drive the business forward, facilitate collaboration and innovation, and enable its employees to grow their careers. SEI recognizes that supporting employees' holistic well-being is essential for maintaining a motivated and productive workforce. The company’s dedicated back-up care center helps to alleviate the stress of unexpected caregiving challenges and reflects SEI's commitment to supporting employees at every stage of their lives. The on-site center provides tailored programs to encourage curious, happy, and confident children at every age and stage. Through their back-up care offerings, SEI fosters a culture of trust and support, where employees feel valued and empowered to excel both personally and professionally.

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Thank you to our client partners for their efforts to alleviate the burden of family care for employees. To learn more about back-up care solutions and how they can help your workforce be more engaged, productive, and happy, check out our solutions page.

Yale University Child Care Center

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