Mother's Day: Celebrate the Little Things

Woman with child having snack

There are very few experiences as universal and yet unique as being a parent. In today's world, its difficult not to think about how we measure up to other parents whether they be our own, our friends and colleagues, or even the seemingly "perfect" parents we see in the media or down the street.

We tend to put pressure on ourselves to be "the very best" parents all the time, when what we really need to keep in mind is that its the simple connections our children will remember and cherish. Mother's Day is a perfect time to celebrate the little things we do with our children - the special moments and the magical experiences that often happen unexpectedly.

Celebrate the Little Things on Mother's Day

Some of us are the kind of parents who bake birthday cakes in the shape of dinosaurs and turn the house into Jurassic Park for a party. Others are less inclined to the spectacular and want to plan birthday parties without the stress. Whichever kind of parent we are, a happy childhood is made up of many small moments of caring, connecting, and spending time together. Mother's Day is a perfect time to remind ourselves of those important everyday moments and celebrate them.

Usually when we think of celebrating Mother's Day, we often jump to gift ideas for mom or children's activities for Mother's Day. But this year, celebrate all the wonderful things you already do with your children and appreciate the little things like spending quality time together. Children likely wont remember the hours we spent preparing a special activity or the expensive toys that we purchased. They will remember the bedtime stories that we read, the walks that we took, and the skills that they gleaned from working on an activity side-by-side together, such as: cooking with children, washing a car, or working in the garden.

There are many lists of parenting books and websites with ideas to facilitate these parenting magic moments. Put aside those resources and celebrate all the wonderful things you already do. Here's a list of a few little but important things parents do with children that should be celebrated on Mother's Day. Every family is unique, so be sure to add to this list or find inspiration on how to best spend time with your children.

  • Creating weekly special times when you are totally focused on your child.
  • Doing things that make your child feel special.
  • Sharing activities that you both enjoy and keeping them up.
  • Demonstrating or talking about your love, respect, and appreciation.
  • Spending quality time together without electronic devices.
  • Proudly hanging your child's art work and writing on walls or scanning it into the computer to share with friends and relatives.
  • Asking your child to help you with a task.
  • Having meaningful, spontaneous discussions.
  • Offering hugs and kisses in the morning at bedtime and in-between.

These are the little things that make parenting so special and worth celebrating on Mother's Day. This Sunday, cherish the people in your life who make it so wonderful and interesting - your children and your own moms. From all of us at e-family news, we wish you a very happy Mother's Day!

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Woman with child having snack