Virtual field trip to half dome in Yosemite

In this self-guided tour of Yosemite National Park, children will explore its many natural wonders—from the summit of Half Dome, where they can see climbers and hikers scale the mountain peak, to the forested valleys with rushing rivers and trails. These experiences help develop a sense of wonder and understanding of the world around us.

Where: Yosemite National Park

Let’s start our tour of this National Park at the summit (top) of Half Dome. What can you see from the top of this mountain? Are you surprised to see people there? How do you think they got to the top?


Step 1: Open the link in the attached PDF

Step 2: Click on the icons to move to other areas of the park. Can you find your way down from Half Dome?

Step 2: After exploring, choose one of the following:

  • Draw or write about a part of the park you would like to visit.
  • Take a family member on your own tour of the park! Draw or make a list of the things you would need to bring with you if you were camping in Yosemite National Park.
Virtual field trip to half dome in Yosemite
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