Learning at Home: Treasures in a Bag Activity

Toddler with toy in mouth

What You Need

  • Keys
  • Cancelled credit cards
  • Tubes of lipstick
  • Small toys
  • A paint brush
  • Other small, common household items
  • Old purse or tote bag

How to Do this Activity

Collect small items (stay away from choking hazards) in an old purse or tote bag. Give the purse or bag to your child and have her open it and discover each “treasure.” Allow your child ample time to dump and fill, moving the objects in and out the bag. See what else he does. After he explores, join the fun and say things like:

  • “Tell me what you can do with the keys.”
  • “What can you do with the card?”
  • “How does that pink object feel on your hand? On your face?”

What Your Child Learns

This activity encourages exploration and observation as children investigate each object. Your questions probe a child to think more deeply and creatively about each item.

Toddler with toy in mouth
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