Learning at Home: The Commuting Game Activity

Baby in a carseat

What You Need

  • Your (and your child's) imaginations

How to Do this Activity

As you’re driving or riding around, ask your child to find different things, such as a bus, truck, flag, barn, house, restaurant, etc. As you get close to something your child has pointed out — a bus, for example — say, “I see the yellow bus, too!” Show enthusiasm when you talk about the things your child has found, and change your tone as you say different things. When you do this activity for the first time, focus on things that are easily recognizable for your child (a truck). As he becomes more familiar with the activity, add a challenge and get more specific (a white pickup truck). And, even though this is called The Commuting Game, you can also play it in a restaurant, the doctor’s office, or anywhere else your child might have to wait.

What Your Child Learns

This fun activity builds your child's focus, observation, and attention to detail while encouraging robust language development.

Baby in a carseat
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