Learning at Home: Silly Songs Activity

Baby boy playing music

What You Need

  • Your (and your child's) imaginations

First, choose a tune your child is familiar with, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Then, to that same tune, sing about anything you can think of. Sing about what you see as you’re driving, your child’s favorite toys or games, family members, bed time, bath time, and more. Leave room for your child to come up with lines to the song, too, and use repetitive words to make it easier to learn the new song. If you can’t think of anything, throw in a nonsense word!

What Your Child Learns

This activity reinforces language and music development, as well as creative-divergent thinking. Your child will be delighted by your departure from a traditional song, especially if you add a few silly verses.

Baby boy playing music
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