Learning at Home: Sensory Path Activity

Baby crawling on a rug

What You Need

  • Carpet squares
  • Throw rug
  • Rubber mat
  • Contact paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Soft fabric

How to Do this Activity

Put the materials on the floor and allow your baby to sit, crawl, or roll around on them. Talk about their textures and the sensations they create. Say:

  • “The rug is rough on your hands.”
  • “The bubble wrap pops when you crawl on it.”
  • “The fleece is smooth and warm.”

Your baby’s sense of touch will develop and he’ll begin to make connections between words and feelings.

What Your Child Learns

Through this activity, your baby is introduced to a variety of textures and sounds. She enjoys the positive interactions with you and begins to form the concept that your words have meaning.

Baby crawling on a rug