Learning at Home: Rice Play Activity

Kindergarten-aged girl carrying a tray

What You Need

  • Pebbles, marbles, or corks
  • Large plastic bowl or container
  • Tray or piece of cloth
  • Wooden spoons, measuring cups, plastic cups
  • Broom

How to Do this Activity

First, put the pebbles (or other materials) in the container and add the cups and spoons. Put the container on top of a tray or piece of cloth on the floor to help keep it from slipping. This will also help you keep the mess manageable. Encourage your child to practice spooning, pouring, and scooping. Ask things like, “How many scoops does it take to fill up the cup?” and “What do the pebbles feel like?" Use the broom to clean up the marbles when you're done.

What Your Child Learns

Through this activity, your child learns about volume and weight. She explores measurement and quantity. More importantly, though, she enjoys quality time in the kitchen with you.

Kindergarten-aged girl carrying a tray
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