Learning at Home: Recycle Sculpture Activity

Kindergarten-aged kids making art

What You Need

  • Carton or shoebox
  • Juice boxes
  • Paper and paper clips
  • Sticks
  • Aluminum foil
  • Brushes
  • Other unstructured household items to recycle
  • Glue

How to Do this Activity

Get started by collecting these items together. Use a carton, shoe box, or something else sturdy as the base of your sculpture. Then, have your child experiment to see which items she can stack on top of each other and which items adhere well to each other. Work together to glue each layer as you go. And, as always, be aware of small objects and keep them out of reach of young children.

What Your Child Learns

Through this activity, children begin to learn about the concepts of recycling or reusing materials. They observe each material's attributes and notice differences, as well. Children think critically as they make decisions about what to place on the sculpture.

Kindergarten-aged kids making art
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