Poems About Home

A child's hands touching at the fingertips

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to demonstrate phonological awareness.

Materials Needed:

  • Sheet
  • Stuffed animals

Participants: This activity is intended for adult/child interaction.


Step 1: Share the following finger plays from Mansfield/Richland County Public Library with your child:

  • I Will Make a Little House
  • I will make a little house, (Form roof shape with fingers)
  • Where two friends come to hide. (Bend thumbs under roof)
  • When I peek in at the door, (Peek under roof)
  • They quickly run outside. (Pop thumbs back out)
  • Where Do We Live? by Elizabeth McKinnon
  • A squirrel lives in a tree, (Form tree shape with hand)
  • A snail lives in a shell, (Cover fist with opposite hand)
  • A bear lives in a cave, (Make fist with thumb inside)
  • It suits her very well.
  • A fish lives in a fishbowl, (Form circle with hands)
  • A bird lives in a nest, (Cup hands together)
  • (Your child’s name) lives in a house, (Make roof about head with arms)
  • He/she thinks his home is best.

Step 2: Make a little house for your child by placing a sheet over a table or chair. Add stuffed animals and pillows.

Repeating poems and finger plays with your child strengthens early literacy as children hear vocabulary and rhyme.

A child's hands touching at the fingertips
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