Light Table Letters

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This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to demonstrate knowledge of print and the alphabet, as well as use hands and fingers to explore and interact with the environment.

Materials Needed:

  • Light table (if you own one) – or as an alternative you can make one. See below.
  • Clear storage container and
  • LED lights or flashlight inside to make lightbox (battery-powered candles/tea lights can also be used)
  • Translucent colored pebbles or stones, various colored tissue paper squares (approximately 1” squares), or translucent beads
  • Alphabet cards (attached PDF)

Participants: This activity may require some adult set up, but is intended for independent play.


  1. Cut out each of the alphabet cards (attached).
  2. Set up your light table or utilize the materials above to create your own (placing your light source inside of the clear storage container).
  3. Have children choose an alphabet card and then recreate the letter utilizing the materials provided on top of the light table.
  4. Utilizing a variety of materials and colors creates a fun sensory experience for your child as they learn to identify and write their letters.


  • Create word cards to encourage your children to begin simple words.
  • Get creative and use your materials to create other artistic creations on the light table.
  • Take pictures of your child’s creations and print them out; allowing them to add captions about what they’ve made.
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