Family Dancing

Toddler smiling while wearing fairy wings in classroom at day care

This activity promotes development and learning by encouraging children to use large muscles to move and balance own body and ability to remember information to use in later tasks.

Materials Needed:

  • Music to dance to

Participants: This activity is intended for independent play, adult/child interaction, 2 or more participants.

Directions: Follow the directions below for dance steps or do your own favorite dance to music. Watch the videos to see the floss (click here) and disco (click here) in action!

  • Flossing – Move hips right to left while holding your arms in a straight position with one arm hanging in front and the other behind your body. Essentially flossing your hips through your arms.
  • Disco dancing – Point one finger in the air while holding your arm in a diagonal position above your head with the other arm and finger pointing to the floor.
  • Rake the lawn – Pretend to hold and rake the leaves in one direction then another.
  • Sprinkler – Move your arm like the motion of a sprinkler and switch arms when desired.
  • Lawn mowing – Pretend to cut the grass with the lawnmower in different directions.
  • Change the light bulb – Use one hand to reach above your head and pretend to change the light bulb in the ceiling, switch hands when desired.
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Toddler smiling while wearing fairy wings in classroom at day care