Learning at Home: Bug Hunt Activity

Kindergarten-aged boy holding a bug

What You Need

  • Non-breakable magnifying glasses
  • Camera (optional)
  • Containers (to house insects temporarily)

How to Do this Activity

Search for insects with your child by going on a nature walk. First, ask your child where he or she thinks the insects might live. You can give hints, such as “under rocks and leaves” or “on tree trunks,” but be sure to let your child lead the exploration. Work together to capture insects in the containers. Then, you can encourage your child to observe the insects — talk about color, size, type, and more. If you have a camera, take pictures to save for later — these can be used to inspire nature drawings or encourage conversation about the outdoors. Don’t forget to release the insects back into their habitat once you’re done!

What Your Child Learns: Through this activity, children begin to develop the first tools of scientific exploration — making observations and asking questions about what they observe.

Kindergarten-aged boy holding a bug
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