On-Demand Webinar - Resetting the Workplace: What It Will Take to Bring Employees Back

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When offices were forced to temporarily go remote in 2020, many employers were surprised at how easy it was for their people to work at home. Little did they know how hard it would be to bring them back.

But today, as nationwide re-openings collide with a hot talent market, turnover is a real risk. Employees are weighing their options; they’re evaluating their personal work/life equations; and they’re figuring out which employers will support their needs. What can employers do?

Watch, Resetting the Workplace: What it Will Take to Bring Employees Back.

Our expert panel talks about lessons from the last year, why working parents (a third of your workforce) are setting up to be employers’ biggest concern; and what research has taught us about how to move forward.

You will also learn:

  • The reason economists call child care reopening’s make-or-break, and why it should be on your radar no matter where your people are working
  • The impact of shortages, and how they’re making it risky to delay planning until fall
  • Why your most effective answers to child care will need to be both cost effective and able to pivot to meet needs across work schedules and demographics
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Watch What It Will Take to Bring Employees Back