Boost Your Tuition Program with Education Pathways in Healthcare - Webinar

Bright Horizons
Bright Horizons

Continued talent shortages and rapidly-changing skills needs are forcing healthcare providers to be even more effective in filling critical roles. Yet many tuition programs, while a great benefit for employees, are failing to play their part in delivering the talent needed.

Education Pathways provide a solution, by focusing on your skills gaps, identifying targeted education options to fill them and accelerating program completion. The result is that your employees are motivated by seeing a much higher chance of career progression and that your organization can develop the specific competencies you need, all within the structure of your existing tuition program.

By watching this session on-demand, you’ll learn:

  • What Education Pathways are
  • In which areas of healthcare they can be most effective
  • A methodology for building them for your organization
  • The results you can expect and how to track them
Bright Horizons
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