Rx for RNs - Reporting on The State of the Nursing Workforce

A nurse walking up stairs.

Nurse turnover is costly – and recruiting is just a fraction of the expense. Patient care ratings are also at risk.

How are hospitals and other healthcare systems responding to nurses’ needs in this competitive era?  The best starting point is real data. American Nurse Today, in collaboration with Bright Horizons, surveyed 1,300 nurses to gain insight on trends about workloads, education, and career aspirations.

Survey results show the importance of work culture and reveal key findings such as:

  • 67% of nurses have teetered towards burnout at least once a month.
  • 65% would stay for five years if their employer would pay for their next degree or certification.
  • 1-in-4 young nurses would only accept a job that offered tuition reimbursement

Download the report to gain further insights directly from nurses, and to learn suggested action plans for talent leaders, CHROs and nursing executives intent on improving recruitment and increasing retention.

A nurse walking up stairs.
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