Solutions at Work LIVE...It's On!

Solutions at Work LIVE; Horizons of Excellence Awards
What's the value of a great culture? What's the key to excellence in the workforce? All this week, we'll be asking (and more importantly...answering...) those questions in Austin as Bright Horizons gathers for its annual, Solutions at Work LIVE.

Industry Leaders Talk HR Solutions

On the agenda: we've got top HR people from around the country - from Fortune winners, Working Mother designees, and Dream Companies - who'll be putting their heads together about all the things on company leaders' minds' today: how to recruit people, how to retain them, how to engage them, and how to inspire them to do their best work. We're big believers in positive workplaces as the key. As our keynote Shawn Achor has famously said, "If you can raise somebody's level of positivity in the present... what we found is that every single business outcome improves." We think the key to Shawn's "Happiness Advantage" is a great culture. And we're excited to talk to organizations that have some of the best. Check back in the weeks to come for insights from the event. Better yet, join the conversation today on Twitter at #BHATWORK.

Solutions at Work LIVE - It's on!
Solutions at Work LIVE; Horizons of Excellence Awards

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