So Much Uncertainty -  Time for Resilience!

Influenza, school lock downs, taxes, and my elderly father's health...

These are the topics of conversation just this week during my early morning walks with two of my friends. I realized that I was experiencing a gnawing sense of uncertainty while discussing these subjects when I'm supposed to be exercising to reduce stress.

Although the flu comes around every year, along with taxes, there seems to be an increased level of concern in our voices. Will our school need to close temporarily due to the high number of cases of influenza? How much will our taxes increase? Is there a different doctor I should take my father to since he is not improving? How will our children respond to the lock down drill in the school today? YIKES!

All these topics definitely produce a sense of uncertainty but letting the uncertainty impact my effectiveness - as a mother, wife, daughter, employee, friend - just isn't an option. I have clients with deadlines that they expect me to meet. My family will need to eat dinner at the end of the day. My daughter needs me to be strong, reassuring, and calm while I explain why her school is practicing a lockdown.

Being resilient is the key.

It is at times like these that I remember I have resources at my disposal. My employer, Bright Horizons, provides me with resources around how to prevent the spread of the flu or how to deal with influenza if it hits my family. I also have access to financial planning resources so I can adjust the family budget when needed. I can avail myself of an elder care back-up service. I can even receive advice on how to explain challenging situations to my daughter through our Well-Being Help Center. All of these supports help me be resilient - to regain my equilibrium during uncertain and challenging times.

Why does Bright Horizons offer all these supports, many of which are not traditional employer benefits? It is simple. Our organizational leaders understand that when employees are worried, distracted, overwhelmed or sick - they are not going to be as productive, creative, or engaged as they could be. Therefore, it is a smart business decision to support employees in every aspect of their lives because employees who are resilient are, frankly, more valuable.

What does your employer offer to support you during uncertain times?

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