New Arrival on the Horizon: Welcome to the Sam’s Club Kids Club!

Dad dropping his baby off at a child care center

As a child care company, we get a little excited when our clients are expecting. 

So we’re overjoyed that our friends at Sam’s Club have announced they’re going to be hearing the pitter patter of little feet – 340 of them.

Yes – Sam’s Club is expecting a child care center

“Bentonville retailer Sam’s Club is moving forward with its plan to provide corporate employees with a rare but sought-after perk,” reported Arkansas news site TB&P. “The company plans to build for its working parents an employer-sponsored childcare facility near its Bentonville headquarters. Bright Horizons has been selected to manage the programs and provide staffing.” 

Welcome to the family, Sam’s Club! 

Around here, we know that child care centers make everybody (employees and the organization) happy. TB&J and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Survey outlined all the good reasons to have one: 

  • That parents say they’d be more likely to invest in a company that invests in childcare
  • That more than half of working parents would view their employer more positively if they offered on-site childcare services
  • That in a year, one-in-three working parents miss work when they don’t have childcare 
  • That 80% of working parents thought businesses should support and assist employees with young children.

Our own surveys show people turn down jobs just to keep their child care…and that even employees without children like it because of what it says about the organization. No wonder child care centers give bottom lines such a healthy glow.  

When it arrives, Sam’s Club’s bundle of joy will measure 17,500 square feet and weigh in at 170 infants, toddlers, 2-year-olds, pre-K and kindergarten prep children. The expected due date is January 2020. Enrollment will begin six months before. 

“We’re excited to open the Kids Club for Sam’s Club associates and their kids,” said Sam’s Club Executive Vice President and Chief Merchant Ashley Buchanan told TB&P. “Bringing this to life for our associates has been a personal passion of mine for 10 years. The joy and the peace of mind that parents have knowing that their kids are close is a big deal.”

We expect it will be the apple of its corporate parent’s eye. 

Congratulations, Sam’s Club! 

We look forward to the happy event.

Dad dropping his baby off at a child care center

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